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Over 50 Years of  Worldwide Aviation  Experience
& 40 Years of Flight Department Leadership

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Captain Joseph, J.F.

Expert Aviation  Consultant


Joseph Aviation Consulting (JAC) offers over 50 years of worldwide aviation experience. As an aviator, Captain Joseph has logged nearly 30,000 flight hours in more than 80 different models of aircraft, ranging from General Aviation to high-performance Military and Air Carrier aircraft. Operational expertise includes over 46 years of experience as a flight instructor in the aforementioned aircraft types. For nearly 14 years, Captain Joseph presided as the Deputy Director of Aviation and Chief Pilot for The Texas Department of Transportation. While managing the largest state operated maintenance facility and flight operations department in the United States, he gained a unique, and qualified perspective as to the essential ingredients necessary to lead a successful light department. For over 40 years, Colonel Joseph has chaired or staffed numerous aviation departmental positions in the capacity of a supervisory pilot.  As an Instructor Pilot for a major US airline, Captain Joseph staffed, and chaired several committees concurrent with the acquisition and integration of a new fleet type.


As a Marine Corps officer, Colonel Joseph established an impeccable reputation and is a highly decorated Naval Aviator. His distinguished 29-year career in the Marine Corps includes a tour with the United States Naval Flight Demonstration Squadron - the Blue Angels. While assigned to the team, then Captain Joseph USMC concurrently held the positions of Senior Marine KC-130 Demonstration Pilot and Squadron Safety Officer. Colonel Joseph has authored numerous aviation safety and tactical articles, and during his Marine Corps career, he staffed countless tactical and operational billets. Additionally, his technical and tactical expertise has been demonstrated repeatedly in over 38 years of aviation curriculum development/doctrinal implementation.


In addition to flight experience, he is an active member of ISASI (International Society of Air Safety Investigators). JAC offers over 40 years of aviation accident investigation reconstruction, and analysis.  As an Aviation Accident Investigator, he has participated in hundreds of aircraft accident/incident investigations. Further, JAC possesses over 40 years of aviation safety and standardization development. Finally, Captain Joseph is trained as an accredited IS-BAO Fixed-wing Operations and Maintenance auditor.  His experience in this capacity has allowed for media visibility as an Aviation Consultant (Discovery Channel, National Geographic, the Smithsonian Channel and various cable news networks) at the national level.


Curriculum Vitae and references upon request.


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